Based on a survey of 287 advertisers of web development agency and It aims to support other industries. Members develop digital marketing strategies.

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According to the OECD’s recent’Economic Outlook’ analysis report, China’s economy affected by the Corona 19 epidemic by 2020 is expected to grow 1.8%, making it a major economy with the only positive growth in the world. The growth rate in 2021 is expected to reach 8%.

It provides forecasts, insights and analysis of the growth, goals and challenges of the Chinese marketing industry in 2021. Investment trends across various platforms; Heavily invested resource types and ad formats; Marketing techniques, ideas and formats of interest to advertisers, and current marketing focus.

Created by MAMS, this series of reports is a joint effort across the industry to consolidate the expertise of advertisers and other digital marketing professionals. This report has been published annually over the past five years and has become a must-read manual for the industry to understand market trends.

Trends at a Glance China’s Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

◾ Investment trust

47% of advertisers expect China’s marketing investment to increase in 2021. Advertisers are generally confident that their investment will increase, and new advertisers are more confident than mature advertisers.

◾ Market growth

Corporate marketing spending is expected to increase by 17% by 2021. Compared to low-budget and mature advertisers, more budgets and new advertisers are spending more. The actual growth rate in 2020 is 8%.

◾ Marketing goals

Advertisers focus on brand goals and performance goals, and the numbers are almost the same, reshaping the combination of brand and effect.

Challenge the platform challenge

Marketing performance / ROI improvement is the biggest challenge for advertisers to choose a platform, followed by efficiency evaluation and verification.

◾ Platform investment

Compared to other marketing resources, advertisers are still willing to invest the most in mobile internet marketing by 2021. The new TV and desktop Internet has the greatest potential for growth, followed by outdoor advertising.

◾ Digital Marketing

By 2021, digital marketing spending in China is expected to increase by 20%, returning to pre-outbreak levels. The actual growth in 2020 is 16%. 78% of advertisers said they would increase their digital marketing spend.

◾ Digital platform investment

Advertisers will invest the most in short videos, social media and performance-based platforms. Short video ads, KOL ads, news feed ads, and performance-based ads are the most popular ad formats.

◾ Social Marketing

Social marketing spend is expected to increase by 19% in 2021. The actual growth in 2020 is 15% (same as expected). Social marketing will focus on short videos and KOL marketing.

◾ Content Marketing

Content marketing agency Hong Kong will focus on online resources. Advertisers are most interested in online variety shows, online series, and TV variety shows.

◾ Marketing skills

Data mid-end and content tagging are the most widely used techniques.