For hearing aid users, after spending a lot of money on a hearing aid, I hope to use it for many years. But there are also unsatisfactory ones. It doesn’t take long for this or that problem to appear. I sent it back and forth to the company for repairs several times, and I haven’t used it for a long time, so I am in a bad mood. So, máy trợ thính giá bao nhiêu tiền? How long can a hearing aid last?

The design life of hearing aids is 5-8 years. We first eliminate the technical problems of the hearing aid itself. There are many factors that are determined by the user, such as the user’s earwax secretion, dusty or humid working environment, unclean care, and frequent hearing aids. Littering or bumping, etc., these factors account for 70% of the total failure rate of hearing aids.

Pay attention to the following aspects during use to extend the service life.

1. Moisture-proof

Hearing aids are made of electronic components, so moisture resistance is extremely important for electronic equipment. Therefore, do not wear hearing aids when washing your face, washing your hair, swimming, or when it is raining; if you are sweating, you should dry it in time to prevent sweat from leaking into the hearing aid; do not place the hearing aid in a humid environment such as a bathroom. When the hearing aid is not in use, put the hearing aid in the drying box {pay attention to whether the desiccant in the box is invalid} or dry in the electronic care treasure. In winter, pay attention to whether there are water droplets in the ear mold tube.

2. Anticorrosion

Keep away from all kinds of corrosive materials. If the hearing aid is not used for a long time, remove the battery to avoid damage to the hearing aid due to battery leakage. It is best not to go to places with a lot of oil pollution to prevent hearing aids from malfunctioning.

3. Shockproof

Because the original parts in hearing aids are connected by very small wires, they are easily broken after being impacted, especially the receivers, microphones, etc. Therefore, it is recommended to sit on a soft sofa or bed, face the mirror, and wear hearing aids with both hands. Or let your family wear it for you.

4. Dustproof

Don’t go to a place with a lot of dust, lest the dust will block the microphone and the hearing aid will malfunction.

5. Clean

The hearing aids should be cleaned and descaled every day. Cleaning the earwax can keep the sound holes and vents unobstructed, so that the listening effect can be guaranteed.

6. If you have a history of otitis media, it is usually recommended to wear a hearing aid for 1 hour, then remove the hearing aid and let the ear canal breathe for 10-20 minutes; if otitis media recurs, it is best not to wear a hearing aid to avoid damage to the hearing aid.

7. Before the warranty is about to expire, send it to the manufacturer for a comprehensive inspection.