CV is the abbreviation of Curriculum vitae. Chinese is generally translated into a personal resume. It is an indispensable document for every international student when submitting an application. The content of CV is not as complicated and changeable as PS (personal statement), but an excellent CV can really help you stand out from thousands of applications. I will share some unique skills for preparing for CV as follows, combined with the experience and experience of consulting the trainees in Jiu Niu Wenjin, hoping to give some enlightenment to the younger students.

The first step to start: create your own CV template

A misunderstanding of many small partners when preparing for CV is to use only one CV to submit all applications. In fact, based on the experience of Jiu Niu Wenjin, it is necessary to modify the CV appropriately for different majors and even schools. Therefore, we first need a basic cv template, including four basic information:

◆ Past experience: time, place, specific things done
◆ Achievements: achievements, rewards and achievements.
◆ Responsibilities: such as responsibilities or job positions held in school
◆ Skills: familiar professional knowledge, professional software, foreign languages, experimental tools, etc.

The following is a reference style. With the template ready, we can appropriately add or delete information according to different majors, and typeset strategically.

Describe past experience: express your workload in the most appropriate vocabulary
During our consultation process, we found that a common problem of CV is weak expression in describing experience. On the one hand, some students use large paragraphs to describe a thing, on the other hand, some students use verbs that are not precise and appropriate.

Admissions officers browse a resume for a very short time. They are trained to capture only the key information. The length of the text will distract the key information to be expressed, and the admissions officer may mistakenly think that you do not have the abilities they need. Therefore, it is necessary to end the event description within three sentences.

Secondly, in order to refine the language, we generally omit the subject in CV and start the paragraph with a verb. Accurate verbs can not only show the workload of your classmates, but also locate your specific responsibilities in a project or work group.

Specific case:

When helping a student with internship experience in a famous technology company to modify CV, the two problems mentioned above appeared:

The original text of the classmate, the key information has been modified or erased
The modification strategy is to refine the key information of the cover letter template, delete non-application related content, or put some information in other sub-columns to balance the amount of information; the second is to modify the verb at the beginning of each sentence. “Participate (participate)” is a very broad action, as large as project leaders and small temporary participants can use this word to describe workload, so we should use this type of vocabulary carefully and replace it with “investigated”, ” “Researched”, “improved”, “achieved” and other words that express more concrete images.

After the revision, is the work done by the students during this internship clear at a glance?

Revised Paragraph

Of course, the CV improvement skills are more than these. I hope that the above sharing can give some inspiration and help to the friends who read here.