When you first come to demitasse you might be amazed by using how numerous different effects are restated into‘tofu’while you ask what you’re eating. Then’s a quick overview of cups massive tofu variety


Soft Tofu


The texture of fresh bean curd ranges from silken to lesser company, with all of the stages in among. the main distinction comes from how an awful lot water is pressed out of the tofu. the less attackable the tofu, the better it will be in both protein and fatcontent.there are also numerous other kinds of pre-set/ in part cooked tofu wares to be had.


Deep-Fried Tofu


Deep-fried bean curd cells are crisp round the skirtings and smooth-focused.


Tofu Skin


There are 3 abecedarian different types
-腐竹 (fǔ zhú) – bamboo tofu ( named because it seems like bamboo)
-油豆皮 (yóu dòu pí) – unctuous tofu skin
-干豆皮 (gān dòu pí) – dry tofu skin.

All three are made from the dried and cooked pores and skin of the soy milk hong kong as it’s being was bean curd.


Dry Tofu 豆腐干 (Dòufu Gān)


A delicious, vegan volition to smoked rubbish, dry bean curd solicitations little to no practise.


Frozen Tofu 冻豆腐 (Dòng Dòufu)


You could buypre-frozen bean curd to add to hot pot and other tasty dishes. it has a spongey texture when fused out.


Fish Tofu


Fish tofu is actually now not tofu at each, it’s a stiff fish cell that has a tofu-suchliketexture.it generally does contain fish and soy bean canvas.